COVID-19, Big Data and civil liberties - where is the journey going?


With the measures to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, things have happened that we previously thought were downright dystopia. We discussed these aspects in regard to their proportionality and benefits of the measures at Netzpolitischer Abend online.

Herbert Gnauer (cyberspace resident since 1993 and freelance radio maker) moderated the discussion about mobile phone tracking, Big Data, voluntary and mandatory apps such as the Red Cross Corona app, contact tracing of infected persons and their contact persons, as well as other urgent issues concerning COVID-19 and our digital freedom rights were discussed.

  • Thomas Lohninger (Managing Director
  • Katja Mayer (sociologist at the Dept of Science and Technology Studies, University of Vienna)
  • Max Schrems (privacy activist, founder of
  • Felix Stalder (Professor for Digital Culture at the Zurich University of the Arts)
  • Barbara Wimmer (net politics journalist and author)

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