IC2S2 Conference: Science during Crises: Quick! But Dirty?


What characterizes science during a crisis, and why and how do researchers engage with it? What are the risks and opportunities for science during a crisis?

This panel brought together experts from different CSS-related subject areas to discuss these and other questions. While the Corona-Crisis was – naturally – a central topic, the panel also discussed general insights that apply to science (and particularly CSS) in times of societal crises. This included for example setting research agendas, funding, collaboration, time pressure, sharing of methods, data and results, as well as publishing modes, including to a wider audience. The panel also discussed inequalities exacerbated by crises, for example the unequal opportunities for committing time to research.

I really enjoyed the lively discussion with my colleagues David Lazer, Sune Lehmann, Mary Elizabeth Sutherland and Ludo Waltman. The panel was organised by Jana Lasser and Fabian Flöck. More info here: https://ic2s2-2021.ethz.ch/panel/